When want to
ensure successful interdisciplinary cooperation

Joint Action Analytics helps create overview and insight – the prerequisites for efficiency and innovation

What is Joint Action Analytics?

When you want to successfully coordinate the tasks that involve multiple parts of your organization

Joint Action Analytics is a tool for analyzing the quality of the interdisciplinary cooperation that characterizes complex tasks. We call this Relational Capacity and it starts with management.


Overview and insight

With Joint Action Analytics, you get an overview of the strengths and challenges to the quality of cooperation in the organization, combined with insight into what characterizes the challenges that need to be addressed.


A new language

A shared recognition of strengths and weaknesses is a prerequisite for working with Relational Capacity. This gives you a new common language for talking about and taking action in interdisciplinary cooperation.


A common project

With a common overview, a common recognition and a new language, the quality of cooperation becomes a common project for everyone involved. This helps managers to maintain focus on the tasks that are to be performed jointly.


A new space for action

Tasks that are to be performed jointly across organizational boundaries and areas of expertise are often highly complex, as responsibility rests in the hands of many different people. A common focus on a complex task opens the door to an innovative culture where processes and solutions are identified in new spaces for action.

No-obligation demonstration

Book a no-obligation demonstration with one of our consultants

The best way to assess Joint Action Analytics is to experience it first-hand. Book a meeting with one of our expert consultants, who will demonstrate how Joint Action Analytics works. We base our demonstration on your situation and together we explore and determine how you can strengthen and improve your coordinated task performance.