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Joint Action Analytics is an evidence-based analysis tool that provides accurate data on the quality of your interdisciplinary management and cooperation, and which identifies aspects of cooperation in your organization that should be improved.

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Joint Action Analytics in practice

Joint Action Analytics is developed to provide insight where complexity is at its greatest. The analyses accurately show where and how we need to develop cooperation to achieve productive and innovative solutions.



With an analysis of cooperative relations in connection with a given task, it becomes evident where cooperation in the organization is working well and where there are challenges to cooperation. The first step is identifying the occupational functions involved, and then the cooperative relations that are key to successfully performing the given task.


A new language

A common overview of the strengths and challenges in cooperation establishes the necessary basis for talking about things that are otherwise difficult to talk about. By identifying and analyzing the cooperative relations in connection with a common task, you can consider and address the concrete challenges together.


Common strategy

An overview of cooperative challenges in your organization helps managers to maintain a focus on succeeding in common tasks. The analyses enable your organization to maintain focus and overview at the strategic level, while honing processes among front-line managers and employees that ensure coordinated efforts.


Common options

Many managers point out that the principles of Relational Capacity, combined with the analysis, provide a tangible common basis for action. Joint Action Analytics generates easy-to-understand data that shows how the involved occupational functions assess the quality of cooperative relations in your organization. This kind of data is essential for taking focused and constructive action.


Changed manager roles

A very important part of working with Relational Capacity involves the managerial task. In the vast majority of organizations, the managerial focus reflects a longstanding practice of mono-disciplinary specialization and skill development. This is a natural consequence of the silo-based organization. An increased focus on interdisciplinary processes includes an increased focus on interdisciplinary managerial competencies.


Organizational quality

The internal measurement in the silos regarding cooperation, management and working environment reduces focus on cross-organizational efforts – and thereby on the coordinated efforts. At the same time, we know from research into relational coordination that job satisfaction – particularly stress and burnout – are closely related to the success of the more complex and demanding tasks.


Book a no-obligation demonstration


Book a meeting with one of our expert consultants and discover how you can achieve coordinated, solution-oriented cooperation with Joint Action Analytics.