• The citizen as the primary stakeholder

The citizen as the primary stakeholder

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This article aims to further an understanding citizens’ perceptions of municipal processes and services in connection with their individual cases. The two most relevant schools of thought in current literature build on the concepts of satisfaction and administrative burdens. Despite their focus on citizens as the primary stakeholders, both schools of thought are inadequate for gaining an understanding of what parameters are in play when citizens find that municipal staff ensure a holistic approach to their case. We see a need to extrapolate a new theoretical understanding of how this concept could take shape, as well as concrete indicators that can help the municipalities examine citizen experiences.

Performance indicators for citizen experiences:

  1. The municipality’s employees do their best to find solutions to the challenges I am/we are facing.
  2. The municipality’s employees involve me/us in decisions regarding my/our case.
  3. The municipality’s employees ensure that I/we receive the necessary information about my/our case.
  4. The municipality’s employees communicate in language that I/we understand.
  5. The municipality’s employees work to ensure good cooperation regarding my/our case.
  6. The municipality’s employees are good at understanding and respecting my/our wishes and needs.

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