The processing of personal data is an important area of our activities at Joint Action Analytics, and we take data security measures beyond those required by law. Our livelihood is rooted in our ability to keep track of and protect data, so you can rest assured when using Joint Action Analytics. We have systems and procedures in our organization that ensure your data is processed securely. In the following, you can read more about personal data, anonymity and data processing at Joint Action Analytics.

Personal data & Joint Action Analytics

Joint Action Analytics’ questionnaire studies contain personal data, as we study people and their cross-organizational cooperative relations. Therefore, it is important to us to make the collection of personal data secure for you. Only the most necessary persons are permitted access to the data of your respondents. Therefore, only certified users of Joint Action Analytics are permitted to process questionnaire results data.

In some cases it is necessary to use Joint Action Analytics to collect sensitive personal data, for example in citizen studies. If the study involves sensitive personal data, you must obtain declarations of consent.


Studies conducted in Joint Action Analytics are performed in full anonymity, which means that the analyses contain no data that can be traced back to a given individual. Instead, this data traces back to the relational capacity of departments. You should note that if there is only one employee in a department, it will be possible to trace data back to this person. Furthermore, you must make sure to collect declarations of consent in connection with analyses involving sensitive personal data, such as citizen studies.  

Data processing

When you purchase Joint Action Analytics licenses, a data processor agreement is entered into. We have agreements with all of our customers and partners. We advise you in accordance with the form and content of the agreements, and the requirements for subsequent data processing. It is essential that, as a customer, you trust in the security of Joint Action Analytics. Therefore, our data processor agreement specifically outlines areas of responsibility in relation to respondents, licensees, certified users and Joint Action Analytics.

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